ATX Aluminum Plate Motherboard Tray w/ standoffs 12"x12"0.063" covered with protective film

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Aluminum tray for safely mounting computer motherboards preventing grounding and short circuiting.

For use as a test bench or to make a GPU mining rig.

1 Aluminum Plate* 12" x 12" 0.063"
9 Brass Standoffs m3 x 10mm
18 Screws m3 x 5mm

The Aluminum Plate is shipped with a protective film on BOTH sides - this film should be removed before use.

The aluminum sheet is made of 6061 T6, the most common material in the world, which has a good strength-to-weight ratio and can be heat-treated and processed. It is an ideal choice for engineering and structural applications

Our aluminum plates are equipped with a double-layer wear-resistant and durable protective film, which can protect the aluminum plate from damage during transportation, making it better preserved and durable.

These aluminum plates are precisely cut, with uniform and accurate thickness, and are suitable for precision processing. The surface of the decorative aluminum sheet set becomes smooth after treatment without cracks or pores. It is a great aluminum sheet for precision processing.

The 6061 aluminum sheet has medium to high strength, provides good toughness and excellent corrosion resistance, making it widely used in sailboat, canoe, truck and bus, scaffolding, power transmission towers, furniture, chemical and marine equipment and hardware, etc. .