Mystery Package Amazon & Walmart Returns You will receive 9 random items


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We finally got our restock that you have all been waiting for!
Its Holiday Season !!!
We have a limited quantity so order yours today!
Mystery Items can be shelf pulls, overstock, or returns
mostly from Amazon and other online ordered items.
It can be anything, sit back and enjoy the fun!
*These may come in a package or box. Depending on size. Mystery boxes have been pre made already and randomly selected when you order.
We have no control over what you get. We select packages
at random.
The items that you will receive could be an item from
many different categories including: Home Goods /
Electronics / Pet Supplies / Tools / Apparel and much
more. There is the possibility of receiving very valuable
items! Item values vary, we buy pallets of returns/wholesale/liquidation items. Some cheap items, some expensive. If you can buy it on Amazon there is a chance it will be in your mystery box!
Please note that some of these items are customer returns
so some packages may be opened and resealed. Some
items may also have missing parts/or not functioning
properly, we do not know what's inside of each package!
Each order will receive NINE items!
Super Fast Shipping
All items in new packaging
- these are not for resellers box* the items could be low value so we do not make any promises.

Photos are examples!