Tuff Enuff Resealable Graded Card Snug Fit Sleeve 50ct Bag

Tuff Enuff

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Tuff Enuff Resealable Graded Card Sleeves Snug Fit Sleeve (50ct)

This is a pack of Tuff Enuff Brand Resealable Graded Card Sleeves Snug Fit sleeves.

We are getting a very small ltd batch of these out before Christmas !

Due to the the expense of niche manufacture in this climate we are only selling this initial amount on our website (we save on marketplace fees etc and in return offer free shipping on these for you - minimum quantity of 2 packs) 

These will be allocated on a first come first served basis, once the shipment quantity is filled it is done, do not cancel an order to increase it please just add however more you want to an additional order (you get free shipping regardless), If you cancel an order that number of packs go back into the pool if someone clicks before you to get them and we sell out you won't be able to order - we are not holdiing any back whatsoever !


We anticipate this being restocked Feb / Mar

They are not made by Ultra Pro or BCW but compare very favourably, they are fitted graded card sleeve bags and leave a snug / tight fit feel with little to no excess plastic left over.

At 2 mm crystal clear and a tight fit they allow easier viewing of your collection whilst maintaining that protective skin.

*Resealable Flap

*Fitted Graded Card Sleeve Bags

*Crystal Clear

*Snug Fit