Unclaimed Packages Mystery Box 3 Pack


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These items are undeliverable or returned packages that have gotten lost in the mail. These are not intended for resell, all packages are completely random and fresh off the pallets unsorted and unopened, they may show signs of wear as they've been though the mail and then the liquidation process. We buy them through auction by the pallet via government auction sites and contain items from USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, Amazon, Best Buy, ebay, Target, Walmart, Kohl's and many other retailers.

We sell on different channels and are always interested in knowing what is in them - as an example customers have got a huge variety of things including various electronic, jewelry, tools, home decor items, shoes and sneakers, womens clothing, coats, lingerie etc, mens' sweaters, jeans, drones, mugs, kitchenware toys, games, fitness, yoga stuff, things for the garden, video games, smart watches and some things we really cant figure out too. If you can think of it someone probably has got it at some point.

If you enjoy the thrill of opening up unknown packages you'll love this, you can make it a family game, do an unboxing tik tok, twitch or youtube unveil or just enjoy the guilty pleasure yourself.

Please let us know what you get, send pics or links to your channel its always great to know what people get.

We get restocks every Tuesday and Wednesday and they go really fast.

With this order you will get 3 packages sent in a (12x12x6) box or a Poly Mailer.

Any existing addresses will be blacked out to protect privacy.

These are sold as is, with no returns.

These are sold as is, with no returns.