16 GPU Hanging Open Air Mining Frame Rig Case *Kit* Please Read

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This is an Aluminum Open Air Mining Rig Frame / Case for Mining Crypto Currencies with up to 16 Graphic Cards GPU's in a hanging configuration.

*** Please read full description ***

This has been designed to maximise Air Flow and still retain durability.

Features -

All Aluminum for strength, heat dissipation and weight.

Holds up to 16 Graphic Cards

Bays for either one or two standard size PSU's (not included)

Space for up to 16 GPU's (not included)

Can accommodate all GPU sizes. mini,normal over sized.

Special Cable Channel for cable management

Stackable to allow more rigs in smaller spaces.

Supplied Unpainted.

In Hand, ships from USA - no waiting 4 weeks from China.

This Kit form allows for you to customize your own setup, it includes all of the frame pieces cut to size, instructions and a fittings pack containing - brass stand offs, self tapping screws, cable ties and cable tie mounts. So all you need to do is drill your holes and either screw or rivet the frame together.

Once assembled the dimensions for the frame are 20 inches x 20 inches x 10 inches.

Tools required for assembly - Drill, Drill Bits, Screwdriver, Screws or Rivet Gun and Rivets.

Equipment show in the pictures are for information purposes only - no computer parts will be shipped with this kit.

Does this come assembled? No, you have to put this together.

Why do I need a Drill? You need to drill your own holes as I do not know what equipment you own. I have included self tapping screws so you don't *need* a drill but its a lot easier with one.

How long does it take to put together? From start to finish maybe an hour or two, its hard for me to say now as I've built over 100 and am pretty quick now.

Could you build it for me? At some point I'll list pre built ones but for now sorry no.

Does it come with any PC parts? No this is just the frame and the fittings listed in the description.

Which motherboards will it hold? Any form factor as you place the frame support for your board.

Where does the motherboard sit? It rests on the frame you build, you can use the Brass Standoffs provided or use cable tie mounts and cable ties provided if you prefer.

Why isn't the GPU support drilled? I don't know how many GPU's you have / are going to get and don't know whether they are 1,2 or 3 slots wide - that's a lot of variance.

Equipment show in the pictures are for information purposes only - no computer parts will be shipped with this kit.