Open Air Mining Frame Rig 6/11 GPU Case Made in USA Crypto Coin BTC ETH

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 Tuff Enuff Open Air Mining Frame Rig 6/11 GPU Case Made in USA Crypto Coin BTC ETH

This is an Aluminum Open Air Mining Rig Case for Mining Crypto Currencies with multiple Graphic Cards GPU's.

This has been designed to maximise Air Flow, retain durability, help with cable management whilst minimizing the overall footprint - more mining for less space taken up.
Each frame is handmade in the USA, and as such there will be minor differences between each frame as each piece is hand filed and drilled so that you dont cut yourself to ribbons putting it together.
We designed this to allow first time miners to put this together with 8 screws - so if you can handle a Philips screwdriver and take your time it should take about 3 minutes to have the frame complete.
Features -
All Aluminum for strength, heat dissipation and weight.
Bays for either one or two standard size PSU's (not included)
Space for 6 to 11* GPU's (not included)
Can accommodate all GPU sizes. mini,normal over sized.
Special Cable Channel for cable management under your riser boards (riser boards not Included)
Supplied Unpainted.
In Hand, ships from USA - no waiting 4 weeks from China.
This frame allows for you to customise your own setup, it includes all of the frame pieces cut to size and either riveted or pre drilled pieces with screws - please see pictures.
Once assembled the dimensions for the frame are 20 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches. Due to being individually handmade and filed this is +/- 1/16 inch.
We include screws to assemble the frame, some additional for GPU mounting purposes, plastic mounts with adhesive and cable tie mounts so that you can mount your motherboard with cable ties - or use them to help with cable management, we also include brass standoffs if you wish to use those instead. 
Tools required for assembly - Screwdriver. (Drill / Bits etc if you wish to further customize)
Equipment show in the pictures are for information purposes only - no computer parts will be shipped with this kit.
* To get over 8 Gpu on this frame you would use the bottom section in addition to the top row, you would need a PSU that is capable of powering all of these using one PSU bay or use a second PSU externally.